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Audrey is an amazing and unique voice teacher. Not only is she is a powerful artist herself, but she is able to transfer her experience and gifts to her students. She helped me learn how to express myself to the fullest with music. She is professional yet, intuitive. She can read and pinpoint the students insecurities and transform it into a strength. AMAZING!

Melanie Astle


I love Songs From A Suitcase! Their main mission is to cultivate a love of singing, creativity, and also have fun in the process. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. I felt that the courses were very intuitive in sensing my needs, when I needed a break and also knew when they could push me a bit further and challenge me.

Ria Virmont


I used to drive hours and pay hundreds of dollars to get my singing lessons. Not anymore!¬†Audrey knows her stuff and has an amazing way with my beginning level voice. Her courses have prepared me for auditions and performances better than teachers twice the price and 10x the distance. I’m excited to see what new courses come out!

Ryan Gustafson

New Zealand